Blog Giveaway: Here’s How To Win

Hello, readers! On this Monday morning I have a special giveaway/raffle to present. Entering is easy, and the prizes are great! Find out what to do to enter and win by reading the entire post.

I consider this a late celebration of my recent achievement of reaching 300 followers; I am now at 313. The giveaway will only take place if there are at least 10 entries, which I hope will be rather easy to accomplish within my audience. To enter, you must first be following this blog. Next, you must pay to enter by means of donating at least $10 to the Let’s Go Camping short film crowdfund I have been promoting for several weeks on my blog. For every $10 you give, you will receive one entry. For those of you have already donated to our campaign, you can use that as credit.

I’ll bet most of you are now curious as to what rewards you may get by entering and winning this giveaway; the prize is an exclusive package: a 100% custom designed T-Shirt, shipped for free* directly to your doorstep, completely based on the design you submit upon winning. Plus, you get a bonus sticker featuring your design, also shipped for free. The giveaway will last until next Monday, when I will announce the winner. You will then need to contact me using my Contact Page to claim your rewards. Be sure to ask a parent’s permission before entering. Please remember that I will need your address in order to ship your prize if you win.

Just comment below if you would like to enter. Please note that if you do not complete all of the requirements to enter before the end of Sunday, May 17, you will not be entered! Consider sharing this giveaway to help me get some more entrees. Thank you for reading, and have a great day.


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