Short Film Project: How You Can Help (Deadline Soon)

Greetings, readers. The crowdfunding campaign for our short film has reached the halfway point, and we are just shy of reaching half of our goal. I wanted to put it out there to you that we hope to meet or succeed our goal amount of money raised, $1200, by the end of this month. If just 30 of you were to donate $10 each, you would put us that much closer to reaching our goal. Even if you cannot give, please consider sharing our campaign on your blog. If you do, and someone donates from reading your post, your blog will receive a credit at the end of the film. If you would like to promote a blog or business with a logo in the credits of the film, simply donate at least $10 and let me know that you would like to promote your blog or business.

Campaign Pitch

Your support is much appreciated. If you do decide to promote the campaign on your blog or social media, be sure to leave a link below. Thank you!

The Let’s Go Camping Crowdfund Continues: Ways You Can Help

Greetings, readers. The crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming short film Let’s Go Camping continues; your support is much appreciated. So far, the campaign has been running for nearly four days, and we have four backers thus far. Our goal of nearly $1,200 may seem far off, but with your help and support, we believe it is achievable by the end of the month.

Please Watch the Campaign Pitch!

Please consider donating, or asking your parents to do so. If you are not in a financial position to do so, you can still help us out by re-blogging this or one of the other Let’s Go Camping crowdfund posts here or on A Student’s Perspective, and by sharing the campaign on other social media platforms. Thank you for your support, and thank you for reading.

Let’s Go Camping Crowdfund: Give Now & Receive Bonus Perks!

Greetings, folks! Until 8:00 A.M. tomorrow morning, we are giving away double perks for everyone who donates! That means, if you claim one of our perks, you will get the reward doubled! For example, if you claim the $20 Ticket perk, you will receive two tickets, and so on. We are thankful for your support of this campaign, and even if you are unable to donate, please help by sharing on your blog and on social media! If you leave the link to your social media and/or blog post below, you will get a special thank you in the end credits of the finished film. Again, your support is appreciated. Thanks!

($10.00 +) You will receive credit in the film under “Special Thanks”.
($20.00 +) You will receive one TWO FREE tickets to a film festival screening of Let’s Go Camping  near you. Note: This may be a paid online festival if necessary.
($50.00 +) You will receive one TWO Let’s Go Camping baseball caps.
($100.00 +) You will receive one TWO Let’s Go Camping t-shirt. 
($500.00 +) You will receive a credit as an executive producer.

Let’s Go Camping Crowdfund Campaign Is On: Give In First 24 Hours To Receive Bonus Perks!

The IndieGoGo crowdfund is officially launched! Check it out here. If you donate to our campaign within the first 24 hours of its launching (minutes ago), you will receive a bonus reward in addition to the perk you claim. Give, or ask your parents to donate! Promote on your blog by re-blogging or creating your own post, and share on social media, to receive more exclusive rewards. Be sure to leave the link to your post below. Thank you for your support.

Let’s Go Camping Website:

A New Short Film Is In The Works: Here’s How You Can Help


Greetings, readers. My brother and I are teaming up to bring you a cinematic masterpiece this year, and you can help. The name of the film is Let’s Go Camping; it’s a comedy short film that follows three hilariously unprepared city teenagers who decide to try their hand at camping, resulting in a disastrous, preposterous trip full of comedic adventure. How can you help? There are several expenses that need to be met for this production, and by donating to our IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign, you can help us meet them.

The campaign will be launched Friday, May 1st. You can check out the pre-launch page here from now until then. Be sure to sign up to receive updates by email. Donate during the month of May and get exclusive perks in return, including T-shirts, baseball caps, festival tickets, and more! Please share our campaign on social media and leave the link in the comments of this post to receive special rewards! Give in the first 24 hours (all day May 1st) and receive a bonus reward. Thank you for your support, please consider donating or asking your parents to donate. Lastly, check out these links, like, subscribe, and follow. Thanks!


Creating & Optimizing a Blog

I recently created several short tutorials on the basics of creating, maintaining, and optimizing a blog or website. When I first began using WordPress, I was thoroughly confused. It took me a while to figure it out without any assistance. For those who are still in the phase of trying to figure out the creation process a WordPress blog, or if you are just trying to improve the one you have, I highly recommend taking a look at these videos.

Starting a Blog:

Writing Posts & Pages:

Enhancing Your Blog’s Design:

WordPress User Interface:

Even if you already know how to use WordPress, please take a look at these tutorials and leave me some feedback below so I can improve them. Be sure to let me know what you like and dislike about the videos.

I also produced a short bonus video discussing how I produced these WordPress screencasts. Please tell me what you think of that as well:

RE-BLOG: The Diplomat Film Contest — The Diplomat

Check out this cool film contest brought to you by the folks over at The Diplomat!

The Diplomat Film Contest is for anyone 18 and under who can make a film and submit it to us by November 29. Don’t have a camera? Use a phone! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make your film and send it in. Rules:–Filmmakers must be be eighteen years of age or younger.–Films […]

The Diplomat Film Contest — The Diplomat

The Pencil Movie Premiere

The Pencil Movie premieres at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Eastern, today! The blooper reel will appear at 4:15 PM. The YouTube premiere is below, be sure to subscribe and set a reminder!

And, the blooper reel (be sure to watch the movie first!):

Every good film needs a blooper reel, right? Note: It may appear to be a dead video. That’s because it is Private until 4:15, at which time this will populate.

Guys, tell me what you think! Please comment down below with your opinions on my first “real” short film.

Is Christmas Pagan?

Even though Christmas is supposedly about Christ and his birth, is this what we are actually celebrating when we celebrate Christmas? Take a look at this video, and you might rethink your answer to the above question.

On another note, where in the Bible does it tell us to celebrate the birthday of Christ, or of anyone else for that matter? Nowhere. Thus, while we may try to give the excuse that we are celebrating Christ when partaking in this pagan-rooted holiday, this is not a viable excuse either. We should celebrate what Christ did for us year-round. Christmas is not even celebrating Christ, but rather, is a commercial holiday that goes against the Bible in so many ways, as explained in the video. This is something to consider. Thank you for reading this brief explanation. More articles are coming very soon, so stay tuned!


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