We Need Your Help — ASAP!!!

Hello, readers! I have awoken my once vibrant website from the dead to bring you guys some really important updates on the production of our latest short film, Let’s Go Camping. I will you about them in a moment, but I also sum them up in a 2 minute video that I produced if you prefer. Here is that:

The most important development in the production of Let’s Go Camping involves the bear; trying to find an affordable, good quality bear suit that is not a scam (Avoid ShopMascot.com) is a difficult task, indeed. As a last ditch effort, we contacted some colleges in our area to see if their theater departments might have something we could use. One of them directed us to a local practical SFX artist that might just be able to make us a satisfactory bear. The catch is that in order for this to work, we will have to go a little bit beyond our current budget.

As you may recall, we started a second crowdfund last month in an effort to raise the rest of our film’s budget. Now more than ever, we really will need your help! So, if you can donate, we would really appreciate it. Even if you are unable to donate financially, we would still appreciate it if you could share this post on social media or re-blog it. Thank you for your support, and thank you for reading!

Crowdfund II Launched: The Next Step

Good morning, readers. We have just now launched the second campaign to raise money for our latest short film project, Let’s Go Camping! To find out more about that, click here. As many of you may recall, last week we ran a poll through our readers to see how much you might be willing to donate in a part two campaign. Well, 7 out of 10 voted “None, why should I?”, while the remaining three, the identities of whom are entirely unknown to me, voted to donate to our campaign. So, here we are.

You may notice that the campaign is not hosted on Indiegogo as the last one was; we found that the platform fees were not desirable, in addition to the wait time for the money after the end of the campaign. Thus, we decided to use GoFundMe instead, which has no platform fees and allows you to immediately withdraw funds from donations. Here is the campaign link:


As a reminder, here are the items we are trying to raise money for:

  • ✔ Dell Optiplex Desktop PC
  • ✔ Jib arm
  • ✔ Realistic bear costume
  • ✔ 2x Audio Extension Cables
  • Gas fees
  • Food
  • Addition fees/costs

Please consider donating/sharing this campaign, and if you voted in last week’s poll, be sure to give according to your pledge! The support of our readers is much appreciated. Thank you!

Short Film Updates: Here’s What’s Up (We Still Need You!)

Hello, readers. As many of you know, we recently finished a month-long Indiegogo crowdfund for our latest short film project, Let’s Go Camping. (Click here for more info.) We reached approximately 58% of our flexible goal of $1,200. This is great, but without the additional $500 we were looking to raise, the project might not happen. The bear suit is, of course, the greatest expense, and as we continue to seek out this expensive prop, it seems to be getting more and more pricey. With your help, however, we can make it happen while still fulfilling our other needs. Unlike the last crowdfund, this one is aimed primarily at you guys. Many of our big ticket backers came from other sources. For this one, you are our primary audience. We are seeking your support.

But before we start another crowdfunding campaign, we’ve decided to put out a poll to see if how much you all would be willing to donate. It is sort of like a pledge system–we are relying on your pledge (as you state it in the poll) to decided whether or not to go ahead with the idea, which might just make or break this production. So, I’ve created a poll which you can use to select how much you might be willing to donate.

If you are still unwilling to help us financially, we could really use your help in other areas. The more re-blogs and social media shares we can get, the more likely we are to raise enough funds to complete our project. So, at least consider re-blogging this, or better yet, making your own post about Let’s Go Camping. Thank you all for your support, and thank you for reading. I’ll leave the poll up for a few days to see what you guys think. Until then, be sure to check out the official L.G.C. blog for the most in depth updates on our project.

6 HOURS LEFT!!! What You Can Do

Hello, readers! This afternoon the final hours of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign are wrapping up. We have currently reached 58% of our goal of $1,200. Would you consider giving $10 to a friend for the purpose of helping Let’s Go Camping become a reality? Even if you are financially unable to do this, please consider sharing this on your blog, because if you do and someone donates because they saw it on your blog, your blog will be promoted!

Now, here’s a special message from one of our cast members, exclusive to Vimeo:

Short Film Project: How You Can Help (Deadline Soon)

Greetings, readers. The crowdfunding campaign for our short film has reached the halfway point, and we are just shy of reaching half of our goal. I wanted to put it out there to you that we hope to meet or succeed our goal amount of money raised, $1200, by the end of this month. If just 30 of you were to donate $10 each, you would put us that much closer to reaching our goal. Even if you cannot give, please consider sharing our campaign on your blog. If you do, and someone donates from reading your post, your blog will receive a credit at the end of the film. If you would like to promote a blog or business with a logo in the credits of the film, simply donate at least $10 and let me know that you would like to promote your blog or business.

Campaign Pitch

Your support is much appreciated. If you do decide to promote the campaign on your blog or social media, be sure to leave a link below. Thank you!

The Let’s Go Camping Crowdfund Continues: Ways You Can Help

Greetings, readers. The crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming short film Let’s Go Camping continues; your support is much appreciated. So far, the campaign has been running for nearly four days, and we have four backers thus far. Our goal of nearly $1,200 may seem far off, but with your help and support, we believe it is achievable by the end of the month.

Please Watch the Campaign Pitch!

Please consider donating, or asking your parents to do so. If you are not in a financial position to do so, you can still help us out by re-blogging this or one of the other Let’s Go Camping crowdfund posts here or on A Student’s Perspective, and by sharing the campaign on other social media platforms. Thank you for your support, and thank you for reading.

Let’s Go Camping Crowdfund: Give Now & Receive Bonus Perks!

Greetings, folks! Until 8:00 A.M. tomorrow morning, we are giving away double perks for everyone who donates! That means, if you claim one of our perks, you will get the reward doubled! For example, if you claim the $20 Ticket perk, you will receive two tickets, and so on. We are thankful for your support of this campaign, and even if you are unable to donate, please help by sharing on your blog and on social media! If you leave the link to your social media and/or blog post below, you will get a special thank you in the end credits of the finished film. Again, your support is appreciated. Thanks!

($10.00 +) You will receive credit in the film under “Special Thanks”.
($20.00 +) You will receive one TWO FREE tickets to a film festival screening of Let’s Go Camping  near you. Note: This may be a paid online festival if necessary.
($50.00 +) You will receive one TWO Let’s Go Camping baseball caps.
($100.00 +) You will receive one TWO Let’s Go Camping t-shirt. 
($500.00 +) You will receive a credit as an executive producer.

Let’s Go Camping Crowdfund Campaign Is On: Give In First 24 Hours To Receive Bonus Perks!

The IndieGoGo crowdfund is officially launched! Check it out here. If you donate to our campaign within the first 24 hours of its launching (minutes ago), you will receive a bonus reward in addition to the perk you claim. Give, or ask your parents to donate! Promote on your blog by re-blogging or creating your own post, and share on social media, to receive more exclusive rewards. Be sure to leave the link to your post below. Thank you for your support.

Let’s Go Camping Website: https://letsgocampingmovie.wordpress.com

A New Short Film Is In The Works: Here’s How You Can Help

Greetings, readers. My brother and I are teaming up to bring you a cinematic masterpiece this year, and you can help. The name of the film is Let’s Go Camping; it’s a comedy short film that follows three hilariously unprepared city teenagers who decide to try their hand at camping, resulting in a disastrous, preposterous trip full of comedic adventure. How can you help? There are several expenses that need to be met for this production, and by donating to our IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign, you can help us meet them.

The campaign will be launched Friday, May 1st. You can check out the pre-launch page here from now until then. Be sure to sign up to receive updates by email. Donate during the month of May and get exclusive perks in return, including T-shirts, baseball caps, festival tickets, and more! Please share our campaign on social media and leave the link in the comments of this post to receive special rewards! Give in the first 24 hours (all day May 1st) and receive a bonus reward. Thank you for your support, please consider donating or asking your parents to donate. Lastly, check out these links, like, subscribe, and follow. Thanks!

Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-go-camping-short-film/coming-soon
Website: https://letsgocampingmovie.wordpress.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOV1WM7U6abgZ9VawMUO2zg
Vimeo: https://www.vimeo.com/coltonbeckwith