Here is your opportunity to chat with the author of this blog, me! If you have any questions or comments unrelated to my school essays, feel free to say them here rather than on the essays. Thanks! :)

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604 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Do you know the code for making a link have cover word?

    you know how when your writing on your blog you can input a link into a word?

    Also when you are writing on your blog do you know how to make it so you can see all the code, and putt your own code in?

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  2. Did you ever do the YouTube section in grade 8 Science? I think you had to do something like that there. My brother did it and he said it helped him a lot in his channel (which is not ready yet).
    But the YouTube section might be a sort of extra.

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  3. You know what I find the most annoying at the moment? Because of Coronavirus, I can’t get together any actors for my film. So annoying. I don’t know about California, but here they have a two meter restriction from other people.


    • Well, I already have that stuff planned out for my film, but the whole project’s on hold for several reasons. One, no one’s going to donate to my IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for production expenses in this time, so I have to hold off on launching that. Then, until the 6 feet (basically 2 meters, we’re just not metric) restriction stops taking affect, as well as the state lockdown, we have to wait thirty days for the end of the campaign, only then can we film.



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