Personal Finance

Weekly Assignments:

Week 1: How I Can Control Small Expenses
Week 2: A Few Things I Can Change To Make Better Use of My Time
Week 3: No Essay Assignment
Week 4: Steve Jobs
Week 5: Is It Immoral to Be Wealthy?
Week 6: My Income: In the Last Year and Through the Next
Week 7: What I Learned From Making a Budget Worksheet
Week 8: Using a Smartphone for Financial or Business Management
Week 9: How To Get In Shape for Less
Week 10: Why Interest Rates Vary For Different Kinds of Loans
Week 11: Inflation
Week 12: Credit Card Debt
Week 13: A Small Business I Can Run
Week 14: Sam Walton
Week 15: No Essay Assignment
Week 16: Why A Sole Proprietorship Would Work Best For Me
Week 17: No Essay Assignment
Week 18: Tax Preparation Methods and Tax Refund Advances
Week 19: What Would I Consider When Purchasing an Automobile?
Week 20: A Practical Car For Me: Considering Price, Operating Costs, Monthly Payment
Week 21: Cars: New or Old?
Week 22: My Tentative Plan Following Graduation From High School
Week 23: The Scoop on College Finances Today
Week 24: Jeff Bezos
Week 25: Course Reflection
Week 26: What College Majors Would I Consider?
Week 27: How My Life Plans Have Changed In The Last Six Months
Week 28: 5 Investing Thoughts I’d Pass On To Someone Younger Than Me
Week 29: How I Would Invest $2,000
Week 30: Current Economic Report
Week 31: Current Economic Report (cont.)

Week 32: The Federal Reserve And The Economy
Week 33: How Does Inflation Effect Me?
Week 34: Five Common Financial Mistakes Young Couples Make
Week 35: Summer Reading Plan
Week 36: No Essay Assignment

Mini Assignments: Lesson 11- Review of Calendar Applications for the PC